Platin Agency has been launched officially since December 2015 and with non-stop effort and hard work of the team has had a great progress in a short time.

“Rasa” was the name of the company at first, then it was changed to “Platin” with time passing.




Platin is trying to represent activity areas services of each internal sections to its customers specially by a young, hardworking, expert and pushing team.

Platin has been accepted as a family among members of the team and everyone is trying to keep this family centering on effectiveness. This effort and compassion appears in customers’ sights step by step to the end of the services.

Digital / Creative / Design


Unit 4th, No.26, Attaran Alley, Behnam St, Ayatollah Kashani Blvd, 2nd Sadeghiyeh Square, Tehran



Phone: +9821 44037196

Fax: +9821 43851964

There Is Incredible Power In The Arts To Inspire And Influence.

- Julie Taymor

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Whatever There Is Light, One Can Photograph.

- Alfred Stieglitz

Going Viral Is Not An Outcome, It's A Happening.

Sometimes It Happens, Sometimes It Doesn't. Just Remember, Fans Are Vanity And Sales Are Sanity.

- Lori Taylor

Digital Design Is Like Painting, Except The Paint Never Dries.

- Neville Brody

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